• The Contest Rules

1) Eligibility for the Contest: Open to Ontario students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.

a) Parent-Child Recital: Parent/Child or Grandparent/Child to form a team.

b) Individual Contestants: Participants may join the contest either on their own or under the name of their schools.

2) Registration

a) Registration fee: $10 for each entry, Each participant can register more than one contest.

b) 2 Registration Methods:

i) Register online (www.calcy.ca) to fill the information, including: Contest category, Name ( English and Chinese), Day school, Current grade, Schoolboard, Chinese School ( if applicable). Payment online.

ii) Download registration form (Word format) online (www.calcy.ca) and print out after filling it on your computer. A cheque made payable to “Association of Chinese Arts and Literary Contest for Youth” or “ACALCY” should be attached to the completed registration form, and get back to the teacher OR mail to the following address: Box 107, 4261-A14 Hwy 7, Unionville, ON, L3R 9W6.

c) Registration deadline: March 16, 2020.

3) Date, Time and Location for the Contest

The contest will be held at Bur Oak Secondary School (933 Bur Oak Avenue, Markham) on March 28 & April 4 and 5, 2020.

For the dates and times of the categories, please refer to the "Contest Categories & Timetable" section.

4) Results: The decisions of the adjudicators will be considered final.

5) Awards

a) Trophies:

i) "CALCY" Cup will be awarded to the individual with the best overall performance.

ii) Trophies will be awarded to the First, Second and Third place winners in each individual category.

iii) Parent-Child Recital: Trophies will be awarded to the First, Second and Third place winners. One trophy for each winning team.

b) Cash Awards:

i) For individual contests, the First, Second and Third place winners will be awarded $30, $20 and $10 respectively;

ii) For Parent-Child Recital: the First, Second and Third place winners will be awarded $30, $20 and $10 respectively.

iii) Outstanding Participant Awards: $50.00 will be awarded to the champion of each of the following six groups

(1) JK/SK;

(2) Grades 1 & 2;

(3) Grades 3 & 4;

(4) Grades 5 & 6;

(5) Grades 7 & 8;

(6) Grades 9 to 10.

(7) Grades 11 to 12.

iv) "CALCY" Literary Award ($200.00) will be awarded to the individual with the overall highest score.

Remark: Scoring method for (iii) and (iv)

First Place 5 Marks

Second Place 3 Marks

Third Place 2 Marks

Merit (80 or above) 1 Marks

6) Date and Venue for the Award Ceremony:

The Award Ceremony will be held on Monday, May 18, 2020 at Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.

7) ACACLY reserves the right not to accept any application.

8) ACALCY, its staff and volunteers will not be held responsible for any accidents, or incidents causing injuries and /or damages during or relating to the contests.

9) Registration Confirmation: All participants must provide their email addresses in the registration form. Registration confirmation will be sent via email.

10) Others

a) Recital - contestants must not bring any notes, cue cards etc. to the contest.

b) Recital – no personal information should be mentioned during the contest. Participants should not alter the recital materials.

c) Electronic devices are not allowed.

d) All contest entries (paintings, calligraphy pieces, compositions, translation pieces and recording of contestants’ performance in various formats will remain the property of ACALCY, and will not be returned to the Contestants.

e) ACALCY reserves the right to publish these materials in any kind of media for display and/or promotional purposes.

f) ACALCY reserves the right to ask the awardees to show their identification documents; if any deception is found, ACALCY also reserves the right to nullify the award qualification, as well as recalling the prizes; certificates and trophies.

g) Participants may enroll in categories of the same grade of their day school, or ONE level up. (“Leapfrog Challenge”). For example, students in the “JK/SK” group may participate in contests either of their own grade (Nursery Rhymes), or the “Grades 1/2” group (Recital), but not both.

h) Participants may enroll in multiple categories. "CALCY" Cup” will go to the individual with the overall highest score.

i) If time conflicts occur for those who enroll in multiple categories, no special arrangements or accommodations will be provided.

j) First, second and third places will not be awarded to contestants who do not achieve 80 marks or above.

k) ACALCY reserves the right to change or amend the rules, dates, locations, and arrangement of the contests. Changes will be published on the website www.calcy.ca.


Tel: (647) 931-1980

E-mail Address: info@calcy.ca