Eligibility for the Contest:

Open to Ontario students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.

a) Parent-Child Recital and Parent-Child Storytelling: One student teams up with his/her parents/grandparents .

b) Individual Contests: (Classical Poem Recital, , Individual Storytelling, Painting, Calligraphy, Essay Writing). Participants may join the contest either on their own or to represent their schools.

Competition format and time

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s contest will use two different formats. Recitals and Storytelling will be broadcast live online (via Zoom), while Painting, Calligraphy and Essay Writing submissions will be accepted digitally or by mail.

Online live broadcast: Ancient Poem Recital, Parent-child Recital, Parent-child Storytelling

Contest Date: October 24-25, 2020

Contest Platform: Zoom

Detailed schedule and technical arrangements would be announced.

Submission of work: Calligraphy, Essay Writing, Painting

Deadline of submission: October 16, 2020

Digital submission: info@calcy.ca for Essay Writing.

Submission by mail: Box 107, A14-4261 Hwy 7, Unionville, ON L3R 9W6 for Calligraphy, Painting

Contest Categories, Code and Groupings


A. For individual and group contests, the First, Second and Third place winners will be awarded a certificate and scholarship ($100, $50 and $20 respectively);

B. Outstanding Participation Award ($300), in each grade group, the Winner (1 Winner) of the contest will receive a certificate and scholarship;

C. "CALCY" Literary Award ($500) and a certificate will be awarded to the individual contestant with the most awards.

D. “CALCY” Ambassador is awarded to the best three participants who would have the opportunity to participate in Canada-China exchange programs.

Competition, Results, Announcement and Award Ceremony

The decisions of the adjudicators will be considered final.

In early November 2020, the winners and award information will be announced on the website, www.calcy.ca

In mid-November 2020, award certificates and scholarships will be sent to the winners.

In late November 2020, the award ceremony will be held online. Details of the award ceremony would be announced on our website, www.calcy.ca.

Registration Rules

Registration Fee: $10 per item. Contestants can participate in multiple contests. Participants are welcome to enter age groups above their actual age. Each participant or group is limited to one entry in the same category.

1. Enquiries are accepted in WeChat , Email and Phone call.

2. Sign up and fill in the registration information at the CALCY website (www.calcy.ca).

  • Note: When each family registers online, more children can be added to register for the contest. Each child in the family needs to independently fill in the registration information and complete independent payment in order to generate a separate contest ID.

3. Pay the registration fee via any of the following methods (more detailed instructions would be posted on www.calcy.ca and WeChat community for inquiry ).

Method 1: PayPal

Method 2: E-transfer

Method 3: Mail the cheque to: Box 107, A14-4261 Hwy 7, Unionville, ON. L3R 9W6

  • Note: After payment, no change can be made until the confirmation of the competition.

4. The entry ID would be sent out later.

Registration Deadline: August 31, 2020

  1. Further detailed information would be announced on WeChat.

  2. Online help on Contests arrangement would be held in September, 2020

  3. Trial and support sessions on technology demonstration would be held in October, 2020

Other general rules

1. Entries will not be returned; ACALCY has the right to publish or publicize the works.

2. ACALCY has the right to use all photos and videos about the competition for publication or publicity.

3. ACALCY has the right to request the winners to produce relevant supporting documents. If false information is found, the conference has the right to cancel their awards and withdraw their certificates and scholarships.

4. Each participant or group can sign up for multiple contests.

5. Participants are welcome to enter age groups above their actual age. Each participant or group is limited to one entry in the same category.

6. All events are conducted according to the schedule arranged by ACALCY.

7. Please refer to the information on the website for the rules and important notes for each contest event.

8. ACALCY reserves the right to change or amend the rules, dates, locations, and arrangement of the contests. Changes will be published on the website www.calcy.ca

Enquires/registration : (647) 931-1980 / (647)978-5257